A Brief History

White Widget was started by Allen Tan (me) back in 2010, and was aimed to be a premier mobile development studio. It’s been mostly just me working on stuff to get the studio on its feet, so this means whenever I write “We” in my posts, it just means “I” most of the time, but […]

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Website Launched!

We’re happy to announce that the White Widget Website is finally online! A big thanks to the folks at Vgrafiks for doing a bang-up job on creating it. These guys are awesome, and I fully recommend working with them. A lot of things have happened since we started the studio so we’re going to be […]

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Guardian: Tego's Fate Launched!

Exciting news! After months of hard work, Guardian: Tego’s Fate has finally been released to the iTunes App Store! Below is the poster for the game. Ho ho ho! Excerpt from the game’s app store page: “In this game, your challenge is to protect the dolphin, Tego, in order for him to escape his hunters. […]

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How To Make A Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em Up Game

Happy Halloween everyone, and Happy All Saints’ and Souls’ days to all those who celebrate these holidays! Good news! We just finished developing and writing a tutorial for RayWenderlich.com on how to make a Side-Scrolling Beat ‘Em Up game using the wonderful Cocos2D Engine for iOS devices. This is the first ever tutorial to feature […]

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