Game On! Please Insert Cartridge

White Widget welcomes our new game developer, Marc Joel Jamero. Marc is no stranger to unconventional learning. He self-studied game development since high school, leaping from Visual Basic 6 and alighting upon C++. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Computer Science, and freelanced as a game developer for nine years, stopping to work at […]

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Sticky Shift / Caps Lock fix for Android Bluetooth Keyboards

A FREE DOWNLOAD designed to fix two common Bluetooth keyboard problems:  a) pressing shift once is equivalent to caps lock and b) repeating keys.  This was originally offered on our co-founder’s blog at To install an .apk, open the link to the above .apk on your mobile phone, then use any File Manager app to […]

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Installing A New Program…

We’d like to welcome our newest programmer, Nathan Simbahan, to White Widget. Nathan graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. He is a highly motivated game developer whose primary focus has been iOS, working on apps like the Ben 10 Omnihub and a web port of Cave Quest. Outside of work, […]

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Beat 'Em Up Starter Kit Progress

Wow. I’ve been silent for a long time! Christmas has passed. The new year has passed. Even the Chinese new year has passed. Sorry for keeping quiet for so long. It’s been busy, as always. We’ve been working on a client game project since late December, and it’s coming to an end soon. Hooray! What’s […]

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Beat `Em Up Starter Kit Finally Released!

Since writing the Beat ‘Em Up tutorial last year, I’ve had a number of inquiries about the release date of the Beat ‘Em Up Starter Kit. We’ve been hard at work on it, and I’m pleased to announce that it is finally released! What’s more is that it can be bought as part of the […]

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Life Imitates Art Far More Than Art Imitates Life.

We would like to formally welcome Sigmund Torre, our new art director into the team. From his youth playing with G.I. Joes and Transformers, Sigmund was inspired to draw from an early age. Honing his artistic sensibilities in countries such as Canada and Japan, this balikbayan has come back stronger than ever. The Philippines also […]

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White Widget is Growing!

We’d like to welcome our new partner and technical co-founder, Andrea Levinge. Andrea has been a web developer for the past 13 years and jumped into mobile development in 2010. Though Andrea has a wide range of skills in rather bizarre areas in and outside of development, she first got her feet wet by developing […]

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Introducing our Content Strategist

Though John Joe Joseph has been in White Widget since January of 2013, we would like to formally introduce him as White Widget's all-around marketing professional. Former MTV VJ and radio personality, John Joe was the comedian/host of MTV's Get Hitched and Studio 23's It's A Guy Thing. John Joe then left TV behind to […]

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