Redesigned White Widget Site has a fresh new look thanks to our team of talented in-house designers.

The main design challenge we faced was to achieve a modern look that still kowtows to the old school pixel art from the old site. After many design iterations, we finally landed on a look that we loved.

The Home Page

The home page received the biggest face lift. The big promotional area on top of the page is gone. In its place is our logo and a subtle shower of pixels on an HTML5 canvas that reacted to the viewer’s mouse movement. We kept the original pixel art and placed it at the base of the canvas.

You can see the comparison of our old and new landing page below.

Old (2012 – 2013)

Old home page

Redesign (2014)

Redesigned home page

The Team

The old About section had our services, values, and clients. As an indie game company, we wanted to put more focus on the team so we immortalized everyone into pixel people in this section.

The White Widget Team

We still owe some members of the team a grand introduction in our blog, but this will do for now. We will also add links to our personal social media accounts in case anyone wants to connect with us (or stalk us).

The Blog

The new Blog area has bigger text and bigger images which I’m sure everyone will appreciate. We also added more formatting options for when we share more of our work in the future. The comments section isn’t back yet because of all the spam we’ve been getting but we will fix that soon. We’re also working on an update that will improve the link between our blog posts and social media.


We had a tough time spreading job ads before so we added a Careers page for those interested in joining us. We’ll update this from time to time as we’re always on the look-out for talented people.


One of my favorite parts of the new site is the Works section. We had to show off web, smartphone, and tablet apps all in one section, so the color-blocked moving templates stood out. Best of all, we added filters so that you can view works for specific platforms.

Contact Page

We didn’t change the Contact Us page much as it served its purpose well. We added a map to our location for those who want to drop by. Additionally, White Widget’s social media channels are always present at the bottom of the page. Our Facebook page and Twitter account will get more activity as we get closer to the release of our first game.

Mobile Version

Last but not the least, the site is now optimized for mobile phones and tablets. All pages are fully responsive, so you can check the site from any device.

Responsive home page


Let us know what you think of the new design. Send us an e-mail, or leave a comment here (it will appear as soon as we sort the comments section, promise). We’re still working on some improvements to the site, and we appreciate any feedback – good or bad.

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