Going to the Next Level

This week’s featured Widgeteer is the adventurous mountain-conquering Glenn Allen Sapla.

Glenn Allen

Happy one year anniversary at White Widget, Glenn!

Glenn Allen Sapla, to date, has a total of four years of mobile app development experience. He’s been hands-on on crucial White Widget projects, creating apps that can edit photo collages, serve vinyls, and manage construction projects, to name a few. He’s quite comfortable with Android but really shines at iOS.

One of the most orderly Widgeteers, Glenn can be found writing tiny post-it notes to himself and sticking them to his desk. Not one to waste words, Glenn is succinct in both coding style and in person.

In his free time, Glenn’s adventurous spirit has led him to conquer various mountains around the Philippines. One of his favourite escapes is visiting Baguio which he enjoys because of the cool weather.

Glenn’s other hobbies include developing his own games, updating his Youtube channel, and posting to his personal blog.

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