Let's Get Poppin'

This week’s featured Widgeteer is Jaye Renzo Montejo!


Before joining White Widget, Jaye had his fair share of work developing websites for departments in his college, specialising in Drupal. He was also able to develop a hand gesture recognition app using Kinect for his undergrad thesis project. Since then, Jaye became interested in computer vision and machine learning. Just for fun, Jaye was also able to develop a simple app that could categorise the genre of a movie by its metadata.

In his first days with White Widget he jumped straight into front-end web development. He headed his first website project: Scoutmag.ph, using WordPress. Following the success of his first challenge, Jaye was assigned Bubble Jam (an HTML5 game for SmartTVs) – which affectionately earned him the nickname "Bubble Jaye" for a few weeks. Shortly after, he worked on an up-and-coming web project for the Philippine Government's Department of Trade and Industry.

A lot has happened and many have been impressed by Jaye's skills and adaptability. His current responsibilities in the company include the ongoing development of the White Widget site, web app development and RESTful API development. He's also part of the Face Mountain team, where he designs game levels and puts the game through some rigorous playtesting.

On weekends Jaye plays table tennis – which he claims is his only sport. He also loves playing guitar, and currently owns 3 electrics and 3 acoustics. Jaye also likes to compose songs and record covers.

Onwards and upwards, Jaye!

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