Over a decade of experience informs our

deep expertise in a wide range of industries.


01Transport and Logistics
Few industries are as complex as the transport and logistics sector. To gain an edge over the competition, specialized knowledge in multiple areas — advanced geolocation and routing, optimal allocation and dispatch, dynamic pricing, real-time transactions, infrastructure scaling, cloud cost management — is critical. Work with a team like ours that has a proven track record.
Transport and Logistics Industry Asset
01Rider and driver apps
02Fleet management
03Routing optimization
04Real-time allocation and dispatch
05Geolocation and mapping
06Dynamic and surge pricing
07Predictive analytics & demand forecasting
08Real-time payments and wallets
09Warehouse and supply chain management tech
Reached over 5 million downloads on an Android + iOS app that we built for a transport and logistics client
Saved transportation and logistics client millions of dollars in actual cloud costs by optimizing all their cloud services — mapping, place search, routing, communications, payment processing, data storage, and monitoring.
02Financial Services
The financial sector provides mission critical services to their customers, from banking to insurance to real-time payments. We help financial institutions modernize and build custom software with reliability, performance, and security at the core.
Financial Services Industry Asset
01All-in-one banking and wallet apps
02Personal finance and asset management apps
03Insurance apps
04Real-time payments and integrations
05Blockchain for payment systems and trade finance
06Smart contracts
07Financial processes automation
08Risk analysis and fraud detection
09Regulatory compliance
Developed an all-in-one financial SaaS platform for enterprises, offering invoicing, payments, reconciliation & reporting, and account management in a unified solution
Implemented real-time payments for a service that supports up to thousands of transactions per minute and all major methods of payment
Built a financial equity system for employees of the largest university network in the Philippines
03E-commerce and Retail
We help retail and ecommerce clients grow their sales and modernize their operations by building exceptional ecommerce apps and back office apps for Web, iOS, and Android. We build solutions for warehousing, omnichannel, live selling, flash sales, cart rules, and loyalty programs.
E-commerce and Retail Industry Asset
01Custom ecommerce — Shopify, PrestaShop, Medusa, and more
02Custom mobile ecommerce apps for Android and iOS
03Real-time payments integration
04Advanced multivendor solution
05Omnichannel and social integration
06Inventory and supply chain management
07Personalization and recommendation engines
08Predictive analytics and forecasting
09Sales dashboards and analytics
We build world-class tech for various facets of healthcare — patient and hospital management, medical devices / IoT integration, telemedicine, healthcare AI and analytics, regulatory compliance, and patient data security.
Healthcare Industry Asset
01Patient, doctor, and provider apps
02Hospital management software
03Secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) management
04Healthcare IoT and wearables integration
05Healthcare AI for research, diagnosis, imaging, and more
06Telehealth and patient engagement solutions
07Blockchain for securely storing and sharing medical records
08Cybersecurity to protect private patient and provider data
09HIPAA compliance
Built a centralized, real-time patient notification system for a major hospital network in the North America region. Deployed in over 50 hospitals.
We build custom chat and collaboration apps for enterprises and large organizations with data ownership, privacy, and scale at the forefront. We also develop self-hosted, secure LLMs that are trained on your company’s custom data.
Communications Industry Asset
01Custom chat and collaboration platforms
02Enterprise-grade communications platforms
03Helpdesk and ticketing platforms
04APIs and SDKs for integration
05Matrix protocol and Web3 decentralized architecture
06Intelligent chatbots and assistants
07AI moderation
08User authentication and access controls
09Scaling and cloud cost optimization
Built a decentralized, highly scalable communications network with use cases for general communications, healthcare, government, and enterprise use cases
Developed and deployed a helpdesk-and-chat app that closed 100,000+ support tickets in a span of months
06News and Publishing
To thrive in the news industry, leading publications need to constantly stay ahead of search and social algorithmic changes and diversifying revenue streams. We build sites and apps that deliver compelling user experiences that grow and retain readership.
News and Publishing Industry Asset
01Native news apps for Android and iOS
02Exceptional reader experiences for the Web
03Custom CMS
04AI-powered tools for content creation and publishing
05Dynamic content generation and personalization
06Knowledge graph, NLG, and ontology development
07Readership and advertising revenue optimization
08Digital product innovation
09Search engine optimization
07Media and Entertainment
From music to film apps and event ticketing to content distribution tech, we’ve built standout experiences that delight and inspire — all tailored for audience regions, tastes, and timezones.
Media and Entertainment Industry Asset
01Music and streaming apps
02Booking and reservation apps
03Content creation apps
04Immersive VR/AR apps
05Content management systems
06Optimizing content distribution and streaming
07Localization and translation systems
08Blockchain for royalties and copyright
09Advertising and monetization
Launched a music app that reached the No. 1 spot in the App Store’s Music category in 19 countries
Built a performant ticket scanning app that manages event check-ins for up to 20,000+ events weekly
Game development is in our DNA. We began our journey as game developers. Whether you’re looking to build a new cross-platform game or port an existing game to another platform, we can turn your vision into reality.
01Web-based games and platforms
02iOS and iPadOS games
03Android games
04macOS games and porting
05Windows games
06VR/AR games
07Smart TV games
08Content distribution platforms
09Other Industries
With over a decade of experience having launched over 80+ apps and projects, we have valuable insight into nearly every industry from fashion to construction. We also bring a multidisciplinary approach to all our projects, letting you benefit from cross-industry insights and best practices.
Other Industries Industry Asset
01Consumer Packaged Goods
04Energy, Oil, and Gas
05Fashion Tech
06Hardware and IoT
08Public Sector
09Real Estate
10Restaurants & Hospitality
11Social Sector
12Travel & Aviation
Built construction tracking software used in building billion dollar projects around the world, including airports and malls
Developed a full-stack restaurant ordering platform featuring real-time ordering, payments, QR scanning, table assignments, dashboard analytics, and more
Created cross-platform app for Android, iOS, Web that provides users with group chat, knowledge base articles, journaling, and insurance policy processing for one of Asia’s largest insurers
Designed and launched a data-rich government website that publishes programs, policies, and key economic indicators relied on by investors