At White Widget, our mission is to make software that serves millions globally. We're an assembly of diverse, talented minds, where you're guaranteed to feel welcomed and supported. We’re always looking for great people, so don’t be shy and apply today.

You're in good company


What we stand for

People First
We’re only as good as our people, so we make sure to treat them well and give them what they need. We don’t replace our people with AI.
We don’t work for clients; we work with them. We partner with others, because our job is to be of service; and there’s always enough work to go around for good teams that deliver value.
We do work not just to earn a living but because we love what we do intensely and we’re 100% committed to our life’s work. (Though we play hard too!)
We’re informed by years of expertise. As one client put it, we never just sit back and wait for instructions - we proactively work on the best solution.
At the intersection of IQ and EQ, lies our never-ending quest for perfection. When it comes to the quality of our work, we rely on our reputation preceding us.
We share what we have with our team, and we share the best of our knowledge with our customers. We embody the change that we want to see in the world.

Things you Won't Find Here

We don’t want to waste time when we could be enjoying the flow,
so these are the things we like to skip on our playlists.

Boredom at work
Boredom at work image
We’re not the machines, we build them! It’s boring to work on just one project forever. We have both our own products and client work, and we always face new and exciting challenges.
Supervillain clients
Supervillain clients image
We never accept work where there’s any chance human beings could be exploited or harmed. We are stubbornly proud to be Widgeteers, and we know what we stand for.
Mandatory traffic
Mandatory traffic image
We only require a few days in the office per week in our hybrid setup, and we make it easier for people to enjoy living near work with housing allowances, gym benefits and weekly sports meets.
Lack of snacks
Lack of snacks image
We have a lot of snacks and we need your help eating them. We have lunch and dinner served at the office, fresh coffee, and a full pantry.
Stagnation image
We offer courses, workshops, upskill days, regular 1-1s and access to technical libraries. Our deadlines take into account the time it takes to master new tools.
Useless meetings
Useless meetings image
No middle managers, no long reports, and no unnecessary one-sided meetings. Our hierarchy is flat and our goals are clear.

Widgeteers Say

Calling all Space Pirates, Hackers and Dreamers

White Widget was the pivotal stepping stone in guiding me to what I learned what I wanted to do in the tech industry.
The valuable lessons learned and the connections made have propelled me forward, reinforcing my commitment to continuous learning.
White Widget allowed me to have lots of fun while also helping me grow professionally as an aspirant software engineer.
I started eating my vegetables because of the delicious healthy food served here everyday.
NeilThe guy who coded this page
White Widget gave me the opportunity to venture into an entirely new industry and equip me with the tools needed to excel in it.
EvanQA Engineer