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For giant ambitions

We design, build, and ship exceptional software and AI

solutions for innovation-driven companies worldwide.

Building tomorrow's tech, today

Whether you're looking to build a brand new app or take existing software to the next level, we can take you further than you've ever been before.

Since 2010, we’ve been working with ambitious clients, from venture-backed startups to Global 500 companies, to build exceptional tech that delivers results — apps that millions of users rely on everyday and have topped the charts.



All the design and tech expertise you need. From initial sketch to launch to scale.
UX/UI Design
We believe the core of every successful product or service is a remarkable user experience. We start every project by designing an intuitive user journey that’s rooted in deep user and industry research.
Custom Development
Our full-stack engineers and designers work as a single unit to build exceptional software and user experiences. Every project is built with scalability, performance, reusability, and clean code in mind.
AI and Data Science
AI is changing the way we live, work, and use software. That’s why we have a dedicated AI and data science team. From predictive analytics to natural language processing, we integrate robust, cutting-edge AI models into your apps and services with accuracy, speed, and value in mind.
Our approach is to deploy using containers and close-to-metal servers, enabling you to scale to millions of users. We strike a fine balance, often reducing cloud costs while finding ways to improve performance. Working closely with our client-partners, our projects have historically delivered above 99.9% uptime.
From start to finish, we integrate tight security processes and standards. We architect systems to have monitoring and guardrails to detect vulnerabilities and avoid breaches.

Clients Say

We always deliver.

They basically rebuilt our whole ride-hailing platform, which at the time was servicing upwards of 200,000 bookings a day — in the span of 10 months. Where possible, they’ve gone the extra mile.
Walter W.Product Head, Ride-hailing Co.
We are very happy with White Widget's performance. They developed a great app, and the project was completed ahead of time.
Brett D.Manager, OmTrak
There was a time when our site traffic exploded by about 10,000 percent, and White Widget managed to keep the site up. They would advise us on best practices and how to proceed with each step of the project.
Consultant, Political Campaign
I was impressed with White Widget’s ability to iterate and problem solve on the go. They offer solutions instead of just waiting for directives.”
Dave N.Executive Producer, Sony Music
I was really impressed by their UX/UI expertise. White Widget is also incredibly professional. They are not afraid to take the time to clear up requirements and specifications before diving into the main development work.
Head of IT, Insurance Company
We are very happy with the app that White Widget developed for us. White Widget is definitely good value for the money.
Dustin C.Founder, Loyalty App

Our difference

The IP is all yours
We do work not just to earn a living but because we love what we do intensely and we’re 100% committed to our life’s work. (Though we play hard too!)
Tight on confidentiality
When you engage us, we know you’re entrusting us with your business. So we treat your confidential information with extreme care and apply tight security measures.
Trust is golden
The vast majority of our business comes from multiyear engagements and repeat clients who know we’d deliver for them time and time again.
Proven track record
We have been building exceptional software for over a decade and have deep expertise across industries. We use that expertise to build best-in-class products that put you ahead of the competition.
Scale up or down
We match the team size to your unique needs. We can allocate a larger team during intensive product development then scale as you need.
Fully dedicated team
When our team members are working on your project, they’re 100% on deck. We don’t juggle projects or context switch — we give your project’s goals the care and attention they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is White Widget different from any other tech firm?
In an industry where fragmented skill silos are common, White Widget stands out by offering a cross-disciplinary approach towards strategy, UX design, cloud infra, cybersecurity, custom software development, and advanced AI, all under one roof. This streamlines the development process where we meld as one team with yours, and deliver impactful results across all of your platforms.

We’re known for our:

  • Holistic Service Offering
  • Expertise in UX / UI Design
  • Advanced Technology Implementation
  • Cross-Platform Software Development
  • Knowledge Engineering & AI Capabilities
  • Robust Cybersecurity Measures
  • Scalability and Future-Proofing
How does White Widget stand out among other digital agencies?
White Widget has a collegial environment where highly skilled minds thrive. We are passionate about our craft, and value connection and communication, so much so that the majority of our 25+ expert team have relocated within a few kilometres of our physical headquarters.  As a closely-knit, well-oiled machine, we aim to be your dream team, in every sense of the word.  This is especially helpful because our clients need their data handling and key innovation projects be worked on with our trademark care and attention to detail. 

We’ve joked that because of the caliber of clients we’ve had, that we’re the secret agents of the software world. We like to think we’re a far cry from your everyday factory firms. We've rescued many lacklustre projects and turned them into diamonds, and built greenfield projects that have scaled to millions of users. We hope you’ll also feel that difference, when working with us.
Do you cater to clients from different timezones?
Absolutely, we cater to clients from different timezones and have worked with clients from almost every continent (just not Antarctica - still working on that!)

At White Widget, we understand the importance of synchronization in our project workflow, regardless of geographical boundaries. Once a project kicks off, our team diligently works to identify and establish overlapping working hours that suit both our client and our team. This approach ensures that communication remains seamless and efficient collaboration is maintained throughout the duration of the project.
What measures does White Widget take to ensure the excellence of its output?
Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the forefathers of the modern web, said  "Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration." It’s not just content - it’s also performance.

We don’t just build right away, we look at the architecture, the business constraints, the functionality we’re delivering, and we analyse whether the project is capable of hitting its goals, because we want to give our work every chance to achieve runaway success before we even begin.

We kick things off by setting specific, actionable goals— conversion rates, user retention metrics, and a performance budget. As we navigate through the development lifecycle, we keep a keen eye on these targets with real-time dashboards and iterative testing. This isn't just about hitting numbers; it's about creating a seamless, engaging user experience.

By the project’s close, our success is evident through robust user feedback and KPIs that reflect not just satisfaction, but delight in the solutions we’ve crafted.

We also care a lot about how well-loved, timeless and useable our solutions end up being. We create clean, maintainable software that remains virtually unchanged years after deployment.
After project completion, who owns the intellectual property?
At White Widget, we recognize the significance of intellectual property rights and their role in fostering innovation and creativity. As such, once a work-for-hire project is completed and all obligations are fulfilled, including full payment, the intellectual property typically transfers to you, the client. This ensures that you hold the reins to the work we've created together, empowering you to leverage it to its fullest potential.

We’re really not a typical outsourcing agency. We’re expert tech consultants, so we also have White Widget products that we’ve worked on for many years, that we license out, and these are amazing solutions that cut development time and let you achieve your goals with e-commerce, chat, and communities. For those, just talk to us.
How much does hiring you for a project cost?
At White Widget, we know that customized engagements are essential for fostering successful partnerships. To this end, we've devised a blended rate structure for our services, allowing us to tailor support that fits within each project’s budget.

We have three engagement models: time & materials, fixed fee, and monthly retainer. Through thoughtful discovery conversations and detailed project briefings, our expert team assesses and then advises on the model that best serves your specific objectives. This leads to the crafting of a bespoke proposal, which includes both a projected timeline and an estimated cost.

Our commitment is to deliver optimal solutions is tailored to the distinct demands of our partners. Whether your needs call for a broad range of services or a more nuanced approach, our aim is to perfectly meet your unique requirements.
How does White Widget support startups?
Recognizing the unique challenges and needs of early-stage companies, we offer startups support that extends beyond mere technical services. We provide tailored solutions that are both scalable and strategic, crucial for companies at the start of their journey.

With a deep understanding of the volatile nature of running a startup, White Widget has a flexible time & materials setup that allows emerging companies to access high-quality services without straining their resources. Your scope is going to change constantly to find Product-Market-Fit, and we're prepared to handle that sprint to sprint.
Can you support my B2B / Enterprise software needs?
Yes! We are well-equipped to meet the demands of B2B and enterprise software. We have a seasoned team of developers and strategists, and we offer bespoke software solutions tailored specifically for the complex workflows and scalability demands of enterprise apps.

We understand the need to create secure, and efficient applications that are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Our approach is thorough and consultative: we begin with a comprehensive analysis of your business requirements, followed by the development of a strategic plan that aligns with your company's goals.