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A mobile screen of the Angkas app showing a map with location markers popping up. Achievments of the app can be seen below.
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When Angkas approached us in 2019, they were already the leading motorcycle hailing platform in the Philippines. And they wanted to go further than they’ve ever been. We built the platform of their dreams, from the ground up: advanced geospatial management, dynamic surge pricing, vouchers and promos, onboarding, real-time performance and tracking for bikers, and sophisticated pairing logic and scale that could handle the extreme rigors of the country’s infamous traffic demand.


Incredible efficiency

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To build Angkas, we studied scientific papers, learned from the hits and misses of the best ride-hailing platforms around the world, and even travelled to Silicon Valley to bring back innovations that would allow Angkas to create a state-of-the-art ride-hailing platform. Our engineering team was orders of magnitude smaller than what your typical ride hailing platform required, and Angkas’ investors would often remark how lean our team was versus the massive user base we could serve. Soon after launch, we were serving four bustling cities around the country. For Angkas, we created a design system that was lauded online and in UX conferences. It brought to life the company’s comedic Internet-era brand voice, while conveying the brand’s values of professionalism and reliability.

A cartoonillustration of an Angkas driver with a passenger with text stating how Angkas tripled their users working with us.

We also did their business intelligence: competitive analysis, market research and UX interviews, while surfacing new verticals. In fact, growth was so good that the system had scaled beyond its computing limits, and we had to engineer new allocation & queueing systems to handle the demand. Working with us, Angkas nearly tripled their already large user base. It reached 5 million app downloads and nearly 30,000 accredited drivers.

Two mobile screens of the Angkas app showing the driver's and passenger's perspective when they get matched.
Angeline Tham, Angkas CEO
We couldn’t have asked for a better development partner. White Widget is like a part of our family.
A cartoon illustration of an Angkas driver, and screens showing that drivers are currently busy and driver's online screen.
Screens showing the Angkas driver registration page, manager's surge view, and cartoon illustrations of banned items to bring

Opportunity in crisis

When Angkas was affected by the pandemic, they faced unprecedented pressure as their budgets were cut by the falling demand, as transport had nearly died out as offices closed around the metro. We helped Angkas turn crisis into opportunity by using our trademark product engineering sprints to deliver a feature to production within record time. Angkas expanded from just passenger transport to logistics and e-commerce, and we delivered this from idea to production usage in less than three weeks. As the pandemic eased, Angkas emerged even stronger with diversified income streams, at the forefront of the transportation and logistics industry in the Philippines.

Walter Wong, Angkas Product Owner
Due to the nature of the project, how massive it was, and how sensitive a lot of the information was going to be that would be handled and transferred, we wanted someone we could trust.
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