Android Engineer

White Widget is a leading-edge software design and development studio. We’re a fast-growing team with a diverse set of backgrounds and skills. Technology is the backbone of our company and we’re looking for talent that can play a critical role in the success of projects both internally and for clients. At White Widget, you’ll be able to use your expertise to tackle different challenges every day. We take great pride in the work we do and our ability to solve complex challenges.
  • Each engineer in White Widget takes responsibility over their code and projects. We endeavor to create code that’s clean with legibility, reusability, testability, and maintainability in mind.
  • We encourage our engineers to keep our code elegant and effective, no matter the size of the project
  • Each engineer understands the top-level problem and what the client’s business needs are and goes the extra mile to communicate issues and clarify understandings. We are building a team that is empowered to collaborate with one another and ask for help when we needed.
  • Your role plays a huge impact. We involve engineers early on, from project estimations to technical roadmaps. We make sure you’re in the loop and have a voice at every turn.
  • You’ll help us innovate and drive improvements to our existing products from feature development to client customization to code refactoring / improvement
  • We don’t micromanage. You’re a smart cookie and we trust you to do the job at your fullest.
  • We’re geeks at heart and love learning new things and getting challenged. We do regular upskilling and skill sharing, so you’re kept up-to-date on the best practices of the industry.
  • We appreciate that you might not have the same stack as us, and we welcome great engineers in all forms.
  • Working knowledge of key Computer Science concepts (object-oriented programming, unit testing, data structures, and multi-threaded development) and the flexibility to work across a breadth of frameworks
  • Strong knowledge of Android or Kotlin is required, with experience using various libraries like Glide and Retrofit
  • Experience with more than one Android architecture pattern: MVC, MVP, MVVM
  • General engineering experience, such as building web services, working with APIs, and accessing a variety of data storages is a plus
  • Ideally, experience in shipping Android apps in the past that are available on the Google Play Store
  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive salary
  • Even more competitive game nights and board games
  • Healthcare coverage and gym membership
  • Upskilling days, online library access
  • Quarterly bonuses