Mobile Apps Programmer

Fresh Grads Accepted, Philippines only

Are you passionate about making mobile apps?

We’re hiring aspiring app developers to create beautiful and fun apps. Our goal is to destroy the competition with laser guns, pixellated fireballs and magic spells.

We prefer people with experience in iOS/Objective C and Android/Java, but if you know any object-oriented language or have development experience with languages such as PHP, Javascript or web, we’re game!

Don’t join the corporate rat race – join our army of dorkness instead!

Digital Marketing Specialist

min 2 years experience, Philippines only

Do you know what a meta tag is? Do you understand PageRank? Ever dallied in Google Adwords, or know how to best spend an advertising dollar? Then our SEO specialist position is for you!

We need people who can write well, understand SEO, can design an ad or two, and can think of creative ways to sell a digital product.

Come join our fun team and enjoy turning a product from zero status to epic renown!

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