Baby steps to digital delight: Milk & Honey’s journey of refreshed charm and seamless shopping

Last Updated on June 10, 2024by White Widget Team
A laptop showing a screen of Milk & Honey store page with three featured stuffed toys and an app rating of 4.5 stars.
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Milk & Honey, your go-to destination for all things babies and expectant mothers, recently underwent a fantastic digital makeover to bring you a friendlier and more updated shopping experience. They reached out to White Widget, their longtime trusted partner in software development. Our mission was clear: refresh the website and make it warm and welcoming, and deploy perfectly integrated Android and iOS apps in record time. We deployed apps in a matter of weeks, and this was possible by using White Widget’s e-commerce platform, Trailblaze, which consisted of completely customizable Android & iOS apps, a scalable infrastructure design and a webservice that connected to Milk & Honey’s Prestashop website.


Transformation Journey

Entire Platform
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First, we spruced up the look with a burst of vibrant colors and cozy designs, making sure the new UI/UX was not only visually appealing but also approachable. Behind the scenes, we migrated important customer and product data, and rigorously tested with real-life customer journey scenarios. Thanks to White Widget’s Trailblaze platform, Milk & Honey instantly had these features ready at launch:

  • Rich Push Notifications & Custom Push Notification Delivery
  • Login and Registration, Account Management
  • Category and Product Pages
  • Search, Sort and Custom Filters (color, size, material, etc)
  • Registered User and Guest Checkout
  • Order History
  • Favorites / Wishlist
  • Dynamic Voucher and Cart Rules
  • Social Sharing
  • Delivery Fee Calculation
  • Dynamic Cross-Platform Sales Announcements

Notable Changes

Now, let's talk specifics. We added nifty modules to the website, giving category icons a fresh makeover, simplifying mega dropdowns, and bidding farewell to features like product comparison that weren't getting much love. The website's UI got a facelift, making mega dropdowns a breeze to navigate, and we decluttered the footer – no more overwhelming logos, just a clean and straightforward look. Mobile apps got their fair share of love too, with added modules and a UI refresh, ensuring a seamless experience whether you're shopping on iOS or Android.

Mobile screens of the Milk & Honey app showing a list of products and the order details screen with a discount coupon used.


The Grand Unveiling

After rounds of testing, tweaking, and polishing, the moment has arrived. M&H's new look is live, and we're excited for you to explore the welcoming world we've crafted. The navigation UX is extremely easy to use, the mobile apps are smoother than ever, and we've kept everything users loved while sprinkling in some delightful updates.

The milk & honey mobile product page, categories, home screen, notifications laid out from left to right.
Milk & Honey went on to double their sales in their first quarter after launching with White Widget’s Trailblaze platform.
The Milk & Honey store website homepage with a search bar, featured lipstick items, categories list, and products list.
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