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A laptop with the Emma store website on its page displaying the Black Friday Bundle and a dark brown modern-style bed.
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In the competitive landscape of the US mattress market, Emma, an internationally successful brand, sought to make a significant impact with a transformative Black Friday campaign for their US site. Tasked with the challenge, White Widget was entrusted to rebuild Emma's Shopify website, infusing it with a dreamy and comfortable aesthetic while staying true to the brand's visual identity. The objective was clear: break Black Friday records, and together with Emma, we did!


Design and Development Strategy

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White Widget undertook the challenge by focusing on showcasing Emma's products as the focal point. The team successfully married the brand's citrus and sunny branding with the concept of deep sleep. The website design not only presented the mattress as a beautiful addition to the home but also highlighted the virtues of the mattress's superior technology. Leveraging web animation, the design brought to life the tranquil quality associated with a good night's sleep. Strong calls-to-action were strategically placed to prompt users to seize the opportunity during the Black Friday sale. The design strategy effectively overcame the hurdle of competition, where rival sites emphasized bed quality and even integrated a sporty fitness aspect. By emphasizing Emma's core proposition of enhancing sleep quality, the revamped website stood out against the competition.

A Black Friday Bundle of a modern-style beddings next to a panel where the size and quantity can be chosen and ordered.

Global Impact and Record Sales

The success of the Black Friday campaign was reflected not only in the positive feedback from users but also in the sales figures. The Emma team was thrilled with the end result, leading to the global rollout of the new design elements introduced by White Widget. The website redesign, which seamlessly blended the brand's visual identity with a focus on superior sleep technology, contributed to Emma achieving record-breaking sales on Black Friday. The collaboration between Emma and White Widget demonstrated the power of a well-executed online campaign in a competitive market, solidifying Emma's position as a leader in the mattress industry. Emma also had many Shopify plugins that had to be successfully integrated into the new site, and we made them work despite how lacking the plugin documentation was.

Layers of pastel-colored sheets stacked to form the layers of a mattress along with a list of features seen on the website.
Emma team member
This is the cleanest Shopify code of any developer that I’ve seen.
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