Find your new favorite bag with a stylish in-store companion for an exclusive event

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Louis Vuitton website featuring a small white crocodile leather handbag with silver metal hardware and the iconic LV monogram on the front.
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In partnership with design studio Fieldwork, we were tasked to deliver a microsite that would only be useable in-store at Louis Vuitton’s exclusive event. You can’t visit the site online, because it’s exactly what you would expect of a brand as secretive as Louis Vuitton - the event was invite-only and the website was only useable inside the store. The gist was you would tell the site about yourself by answering questions, and as a result of the quiz it would then suggest from its inventory the 3 most perfect bags for you.


An On-premise Setup for Louis Vuitton

Web App
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Custom Development
Kiosk Web App

We pre-emptively anticipated our clients’ needs by making sure the microsite exuded style, grace and forward thinking. The site would work even if the Internet at the venue disconnected. It would save users’ choices in browser. It was fuss-free, fast, performant and precisely engineered to be perfect for our client.


Quiet but Extra

Our microsite was all about that classy extra vibe, embodying Louis Vuitton's chic elegance. It did its thing quietly but left a lasting impression. This site was performant, fashionable and worked offline seamlessly.

Fashion website created by White Widget featuring Louis Vuitton products.

Sold out Inventory

The quiz format and pixel-perfect design turned heads, and the personalisation aspect helped make Louis Vuitton's bags irresistible. No surprise – they sold out like hotcakes, affirming the success of the one-time-only microsite's alignment with Louis Vuitton's exclusive brand image. Users enjoyed using the kiosk web app, and because the playful questions resulted in a “perfect match” bag, it reduced the friction of choice shoppers normally face. As a result, the exquisite and limited inventory of custom bags were sold out, marking the event as a huge success.

Louis Vuitton website featuring a small green crocodile leather handbag with silver metal hardware and the iconic LV monogram on the front.
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